Our Covering

Church Alive is proud to have the Network of Related Pastors as its spiritual covering and accountability. Pastor Keith Tucci is the Senior Overseer of NRP and serves as a Presbyter of Church Alive along with Pastor Jerry Cocran and Pastor Keith Hodges. 

Financial Oversight

Church Alive’s Board of Directors helps to ensure financial accountability within the organization. This Board is chaired by Pastor Gene with other seats held by members of Church Alive who do not hold staff positions. The main responsibilities of the Board are to review church finances on an ongoing basis; to oversee church activities and commitments that will incur significant financial obligations; and to advise on certain financial topics and church projects. As a whole, the Board provides Church Alive with a level of financial accountability that will help ensure that the use and management of church funds be conducted appropriately, decently and in order.

Elder Board

Our Elders regularly meet with Pastor Gene and advise in spiritual matters, oversee the spiritual health of the church body, watch for people or circumstances that could bring division within the body and ensure balanced teaching of the Word.