Get to know us


We know visiting a new church can be a little awkward, especially for your kids. So, here are some answers to some typical questions we get.

Where Are Services Held?

We are located at 276 Simpson Hwy 28 East in Magee. We are one mile outside of the city limits of Magee on the left of Hwy 28 as if you were going towards Mize or Laurel.

What If I’m Running Late?

Being on time is always important, but occasionally we are all late for something. Don’t sweat it. Our greeters will be there to help you find a seat, to make your arrival smooth and to answer any questions you may have.

How Should I Dress?

No need to feel like you have to dress up. Dress comfortably, but modestly please.

Who Attends?

We have a wide variety of every age, ethnic and economic group. We have singles of every age, families with children and teenagers and single parent families. You are welcome.

What Is the Music Like?

Our music is contemporary praise and worship and is scripturally based. We have a full band that consists of guitars, drums, etc. We are big into worship because it prepares our hearts to receive what the Lord has for us.

What Am I Expected To Do?

Expect there to be no expectations. There’s nothing special you need to know ahead of time. We simply expect you to enjoy the worship, learn from the teaching and meet and connect with some new friends.

What Are The Messages Like?

Pastor Gene is a teacher, and great ones at that! He is all about life transformation, not just the transmission of information. At Church Alive, we believe in applying Scripture to real life and never compromising God’s truth. You won’t find watered-down teachings here, but teachings that will change your life and make your relationship and walk with the Lord stronger.

How Long Are The Meetings?

We start at 10:00am and typically end somewhere between 11:30am and noon.

If I Like It, How Do I Get Involved?

If you feel Church Alive is the place for you then we encourage you to sign up for our Open Door class. This will answer all your questions about what Church Alive is about and will get you on the fast track of getting involved in the church. Open Door is held on a Sunday afternoon, usually two to three hours long, and is taught by the pastors and other leadership of Church Alive. It provides a simple overview of what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. You’ll discover how we operate, what we believe, how we equip servant leaders, and how we seek to take our ministry and mission to the community and around the world. A great meal and relaxing fellowship afterwards are also part of the package. Childcare is not provided, so if you have small children at home, you may want to make other arrangements for them during the class. If you are considering making Church Alive your home, this course can transform you from an attendee to a family member.

How Big Is Your Vision for Church Growth?

Our vision is as wide as it is deep, and our goal is to continually reach out to our community and share the love of Jesus. We will always be growing. Our desire is to faithfully serve and minister to all that God sends to us this week, next week, and in the years to come.

What About my Children?

Children are highly valued at Church Alive. We believe in taking each service to minister to the children at their age level by providing solid and exciting teaching and, of course, a lot of fun. Our desire is to help assist you as parents by encouraging your children to have intimate fellowship with their Heavenly Father.

What About Youth Services?

At 7:00pm on Wednesdays, our Rush Student Ministries meets for a time of worship, teaching and fellowship.

Tune in to Church Alive’s FM radio station, Renew 96.9 Renew Radio Station 96.9 Listen Now