Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We believe Church Alive has been called to love, to grow and to lead others in our community.

Love: In a world full of unworthy sinners like us, God demonstrated His perfect love by sending His Son to bear our sins on the cross. We reciprocate the unconditional love He has shown us by first loving Him, then loving others – just has He did.

Grow: Building healthy relationships with other believers is something we’re passionate about. As we grow in our relationship with the Lord, we also seek to cultivate strong connections with fellow church members and those outside of our walls in the community.

Lead: Just as individuals have selflessly sown into our lives, we believe it’s our job as a body to ensure that others experience the same type of spiritual direction. It’s our desire to contribute to the lives of others by leading them into a deeper walk with God. Together, we’ll further the Kingdom by stepping out and impacting lives through the ministry of Church Alive.

Our Mission

​I. Teaching the Word 
From the pulpit and throughout all our ministries, our purpose is to teach the Word of God as it is written. We commit to proclaiming the uncompromising, balanced, no-nonsense Word of God.

II. Restoring Family 
As a church, we will promote God’s purpose in restoring families back to their rightful place through training in the areas of marriage, parenting and the unique issues facing broken and blended families.​

III. Bridging the Generational Gap 
We desire to see both young and old working together to spread the love of Jesus. We realize that every generation offers something different to the Kingdom, and our desire is to see all generations grow, worship and work together.

IV. Transforming Our Community 
We have a fervency to minister and be a shining light in our community, to our city leaders, and to those who protect us from harm and danger. By partnering with area churches, we desire to collectively take the love of Jesus to our communities and cities.

V. Unifying Cultures 
We are a diverse church that desires to unify all races and cultures in our local area and around the world. We have a passion to see all people worshipping, developing and growing together in the power of the Holy Spirit.

VI. Impacting Nations 
We are a church that strategically connects with others outside of our walls in proclaiming the gospel around the world. Additionally, we desire to send members of our church body to minister to, assist and partner with missionaries around the world.